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What should girls wear for their First Communion?

Usually, the church performing the First Communion will have a standard dress code for all communicants to follow. On average, girls wear a modest dress to their First Communion that covers the arms, legs, and head, in accordance with the church they attend. Traditionally the First Communion dress is white; depending on your church ivory can be worn as well. More girls are wearing modern dresses that don’t cover arms, they usually wear a bolero when they’re in the church and take off for all the other festivities. White is a symbol of purity, and can be simple or include more intricacies like beading, lace, embroidery, ruffles, swoop train, and bateau dress line depending on the preferences of the girl, her parents, the church, and what the church recommends.Visit our Oakville showroom for a large Selection of First Communion dresses and First Communion gowns or shop online Canada now!



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